Medical Social Network

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Dev4Side has developed for its customer a social network reserved to healthcare professionals. This type of social network aims to share information and experiences that relate to clinical cases.




The site allows users, after registering with their e-mail, to contribute with their opinions and their knowledge, developing diagnosis and therapies in order to solve the case.


These discussions have various actors with different capabilities:

    • Admin, system supervisor.
    • User, can be a simple viewer or be part of a Clinical Center.
    • Guest Center, which includes multiple users and takes care of writing the case.
    • Discussant, a user who is ask to discuss the case and present its own diagnosis.
    • Satellite center, a center who is ask to just comment for new cue points


The system guarantees the absolute confidentiality and anonymity of all participants until the case is closed, to limit influence between participants. The system also hides diagnosis and therapy of the parties, so everyone participating need to provide its own interpretation of the case. Once closed, anonymity is no longer necessary and the names of participants will be visible during the consultation of the case, when, all actors can meet and discuss further, before publish the case.




Every kind of media can be attached to several section of the case description, allowing doctors to share exams and medical results. Items are shown in a carousel with a nice preview and can be uploaded and downloaded with ease from the page.

Allowed file types are:


Documents File Types




A section of the site has been created to meet live and answer to multiple choice questions created by the admin ad hoc for the case. A page allow the user to log in the system, answer to questions and, in real time, see replies of other parties and preference graphs.  


The social network is already active,check it at


Technical skills applied

  • HTML 5

Project execution times

  • 10 Analysis
  • 10 Interface design
  • 5 Usability testing
  • 15 Software engineering
  • 40 Coding
  • 8 Beta testing
  • 2 Deployment