Project management system with SharePoint

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If you require a Project Management for SharePoint, then you are in the right place!

Dev4side have build a Sharepoint solution that allows you to manage and share business projects with a fluid and smart interface in order to give, to all employees, the opportunity to use it with the ease: you can now manage multiple projects under SharePoint from a single point.


Main Features


Creating a new project it's easy as creating a new element in SharePoint: provide the project's properties: title, description, start / closing dates and the project's priority (high, normal and low) and you are done!
With each project, you can:

  • Manage multiple project
  • View (filterable) projects
  • View all "my projects"
  • Security based ACL on each project
  • Manage tasks
  • Manage project's documents
  • Discussion area
  • Taggable projects
  • Project's health kpi

Checkout the project's gallery and if you want to learn more, just ask Dev4Side for a demo. And if you need a specific feature, that is not implemented, let's talk about it! We can implement anything you need :)


This application uses latest technologies in the web standards to provide the best UserExperience possibile. Even that, it is fully compatible with different versions of SharePoint.

Keep in touch with Dev4Side if you want this solution into your company's farm!



Technical skills applied

  • SharePoint
  • WCF
  • HTML5
  • KnockoutJs
  • Javascript/Jquery

Project execution times

  • 10 Analysis
  • 15 Interface design
  • 5 Usability testing
  • 10 Software engineering
  • 45 Coding
  • 10 Beta testing
  • 2 Deployment