Dev4Side has developed a project called Real Time Q&A that allows users to share common information through HTTP in real time. A typical usage of this application is as an alternative to the boring Power Point driven presentations: let your listeners to participate actively during your presentations!


Feedback is everything


A single web page displays all your information and slides while your users can participate by voting each of your surveys at the same time. Instantly you will see the graphs with rate answers and percentages updated as soon as users click choices.


not only FOR conferences


This project can be used during conferences, meetings, discussions and for any other activity that involves multiple users and requiring immediate communication.

This implementation can be reused in different fields and can be accessed by different mobile devices.

With Real time you have the opportunity to ask multiple questions while users can connect over Internet and answer, vote or communicate with you directly, always in real time. 


Still not clear?


The following video shows how an administrator can manage a conference by switching slides during the presentation. Users are able to view and participate to the presentation using their favorite browser. As everything is HTTP based, no addition program are required: any device that supports HTML5 can be used to participate. Just take a look how content is responsive and how it adapts to any size of the browser, by making interactions also possible with tablets and mobile phones.


Technical skills applied

  • SignalR
  • Asp.Net
  • WCF
  • HTML 5
  • Javascript
  • KnockoutJs

Project execution times

  • 2 Analysis
  • 3 Interface design
  • 2 Usability testing
  • 5 Software engineering
  • 10 Coding
  • 4 Beta testing
  • 1 Deployment