Business Application Management for Office 365 and Sharepoint

Centralized database of internal company applications

Your next Microsoft 365 intranet

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Facilitates access to internal applications

Through this component it is possible to manage a database containing all applications in use within the company.

  • Division of applications into categories
  • Entering keywords to facilitate search by end users
  • User profiling is implemented, so everyone sees the applications useful to their work
  • Preferred applications

Help with quick access to your applications in the company, regardless of the platform from which they are used.

Centralize and manage the application archive

The IT department, in addition to profiling possibilities, can manage the list of applications by specifying:

  • Applicationowner
  • Potential periods of application maintenance
  • Customized metadata for your goals

In addition, it will be possible to view application access statistics, in order to understand which among them are used most often.
With this tool you can  include any application into management, from legacy applications, to third-party platform applications, to the same application offers from the SharePoint intranet itself.

Office 365 Product image
Other features
  • Available for  Office 365 and SharePoint on-premise
  • Quick search for applications
  • Favorite application
  • Profiling based on user groups
  • Access statistics
  • Dashboard with the number and type of managed applications, on demand
  • Information page for the period in which the application is under maintenance
  • 100% Responsive

Single access point for all available applications in the company

Management of company applications has become a very specific requirement nowadays. In the course of digital age evolution, companies have equipped themselves with a myriad of software applications to manage their internal processes and offer increasingly automated services to the end user. The need to have a single entry point for these applications has become very frequent. Why not using the intranet as an aggregator for all your internal applications?


A tool for bring all applications in use within the organization together, facilitating their access and understanding their use.