Company Blog for Office 365 and Sharepoint

Use SharePoint as a blogging platform to publish an internal blog within the company

Your next Microsoft 365 intranet

Dev4Side Software has made , the best software solution for a company intranet with 10% of the time and with 10% of the budget , fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint Online

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Publish and manage contents of your company blog

A complete solution for publishing and managing blog content for users within the company. 

  • Create posts using SharePoint publishing features
  • Manage categories of your content
  • Publish image gallery and documents attached to your post

The post presentation interface  can be customized according to the colors and style of the corporate brand.  The solution supports all mobile devices.

Social features

With this tool you can easily collect user feedback on the content you propose in your blog.

  • The user readers can add comments to the post and trigger a discussion
  • Comments can be enabled or disabled directly by the author for each particular post
  • It is also possible to receive information of appreciation, with the classic "like" functionality

The most commented content or the one that generated the most user interest will be highlighted on the home page.

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Other features
  • Integrated  with Office 365 and SharePoint on-premise
  • Posting posts with dynamic content
  • Categorization of posts
  • Posts scheduled over time
  • Search within post content
  • Comments and likes

Additional tool for your communication plan, through the intranet

A blog within the intranet allows you to initiate the process of changing internal communication from top-down model to the more effective "bottom-up" model, in which the company community provides valuable content and feedback for the company.
You have the possibility to utilize this solution to share information with the intranet population, make reports on specific content or specific people (classic case "employee of the month"), trigger discussions on a specific company topic/asset, add weight to the already existing communication plan, enable direct interaction between top management and employees and much, much more...


An additional tool to strengthen your communication plan through the intranet or to create a more direct communication channel with the intranet population.

Human resources

Provide a platform for the CEO or other top managers to communicate and interact directly with the rest of the company members.


Publish content related to products or company assets and receive useful feedback, directly from within the company.