Business Communications for Office 365 and Sharepoint

Push notifications are the perfect tool to reach intranet users and keep track of your communication plan effectiveness

Your next Microsoft 365 intranet

Dev4Side Software has made , the best software solution for a company intranet with 10% of the time and with 10% of the budget , fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint Online

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Reach all the company users with your communications!

With this component, your company communications and news can reach all intranet users in real time and effortlessly: notification will be displayed via  pop up directly on the screen of connected users, in push mode. Those that are not connected will be notified as soon as they return to the office.

  • The notification can contain a text and a link
  • You can modify the color of the pop up notification
  • Create communications with the read notification request
  • If the notification content is valid for a specific period, set  the deadline

Choose the user target for your communications

Creation and administration of notifications that are sent out to users, takes place via web interface which can be completely integrated into the intranet.
Whoever is in charge of managing notifications has the option to:

  • choose to whom to send the communication for each notification
  • perform targeted communication campaigns to specific groups of people or alerts to the entire company population
  • send scheduled notifications in specific times of the working day

Groups can be managed independently through SharePoint or you can use groups managed by the organization as well as dynamic groups, which are automatically created based on properties of related users.

Office 365 Product image
Office 365 Product image
Keep track of your activities' effectiveness

Your internal communication plan is very important for the company and having a tracking tool is really useful to understand the interests of the company population and the degree of their participation  compared to communicated content.
By tracking your notification, this component allows:

  • track the number of people your notification has been delivered to
  • understand how many users have clicked on the notification and how many have simply closed it
  • view the current total number of notifications sent in a year

It is difficult to base your communication plan on simple portal access statistics, so now you have all the tools to make a winning plan

Other features
  • Silent installation of the application on company computers
  • Notifications with expiration and reading obligation
  • Distribution groups: SharePoint, Active Directory or dynamic groups
  • Statistics of receipt, opening and closing of the notification
  • Notification sending trend over time
  • Managing administrator groups for notifications
  • The administration area is compatible with SharePoint on-premise and with SharePoint Online

The tool for your internal communication plan

A secure way to ensure that the most important company news is delivered and taken into consideration


An additional tool to increase the effectiveness of your internal company communication plan. So no one will ever be able to say "I haven't seen the news on the intranet"!


Thanks to this tool you can carry out campaigns within the company to make the intranet population aware of the products or activities in progress.


It warns users in case of scheduled maintenance on the intranet or other company applications and avoids unnecessary massive e-mail exchanges.