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Add social features to your intranet and create thematic discussion communities

Your next Microsoft 365 intranet

Dev4Side Software has made intranet.ai , the best software solution for a company intranet with 10% of the time and with 10% of the budget , fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint Online

To request a demo of this product, you will be redirected to the site https://intranet.ai, where you can find out all its features and related prices.

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Discussions and comments on specific topics

Specify characteristics of each room, thus facilitating  the booking flow  for  end users.

  • Define the location for each room, number of seats, room capacity and additional options (like projector, monitor, t-con system availability)
  • We can   integrate  our solution with external systems, for example for the purpose of booking virtual rooms for conference calls or for placing catering requests
  • If desired, you may indicate  who will be notified about each booking

All through an application that we can install on your local network or in the cloud area of ​​Office 365.

Content moderation, images, attachments and everything you need for your community!

Specify the time zone for each meeting room. This way you can give intranet users the chance to organize conference calls between different company locations.

  • Upon creating a new event, the system will find available rooms cross-checking their availability between different locations and time zones specified
  • You can invite a colleague from another location and the system will book a room for him too (in his office of course) and ensure invitees don't miss the meeting time

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Other features
  • Forum for comments and discussions, divided into categories
  • View company profile photos
  • Sending e-mail replies to your comments
  • Newsletter with daily new discussion overview, on request

Not a simple discussion forum...

Examples of this component's use, in addition to the corporate community itself (useful for connecting all company employees), are the communities linked to skills or corporate values, Q&A areas regarding internal procedures or initiatives, discussion areas related to various trainings that are proposed in the company (useful to encourage participants' involvement) and the communities linked to events or anniversaries.


An excellent alternative to Yammer for the creation of discussion forums and thematic communities, to be used as a tool for your communication plan.

Human resources

Are you paying attention to employee feedback in the company? With this tool you can give everyone a chance to express their opinions, in a controlled manner, via the intranet.


Create discussion areas to collect impressions of the company products directly from those who work with them every day, before going out to the public.