Department sites for Office 365 and Sharepoint

Provide visibility to the work efforts of various departments in the company and offer a collaboration space to the department members

Your next Microsoft 365 intranet

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The department structure, open to everyone

This component allows creation of the department structure the intranet including their configuration.

  • The information displayed contains name of the department, a short description and the department owner
  • Public documents, created by the department members and useful to the entire intranet population
  • The list of key contacts for the department
  • A series of FAQs proposed by the the department members themselves

It is possible to use the intranet in this way to give visibility to people's work.

A private area for department members

In addition to public viewing, there is a private area for department members in which they can collaborate and archive content that are not meant to be shared with the entire company. In fact, within the private area it is possible to:

  • Share private documents with your colleagues
  • Use the shared calendar for deadlines or group meetings
  • Stay up to date on department news, specific to the department, by adding an RSS feed

A real workspace for department members.

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Other features
  • Integrated with Office 365 and SharePoint on-premise
  • Structure of departments within the company
  • Owner and key contact of each department
  • Public and private area for collaboration
  • FAQ
  • News via RSS feed

A product to foster collaboration among department members

The department area is one of the classic features of the intranet, often mistakenly used merely to define internal structure of the company and give visibility to users. The objective in this case is instead to enhance the work of each department and increase individual employee productivity within.


Create and manage the departmental structure in an easy and intuitive way. Offer a collaboration space to users of various departments.

Human resources

The department structure allows intranet users to have a clear understanding of the entire company structure and various department owners.


Use the key contacts and FAQs of the department area to give users an initial answer regarding issues managed by each department.