Event reminders for Office 365 and Sharepoint

Receive e-mail messages just before an event occurence or when an activity or document is about to expire

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Reminders on calendars and SharePoint task lists

Through this component it is possible to receive e-mail messages just prior to the date of an event which is listed in your calendar or the expiration date of a specific task that has been assigned to you. Not only that, you can receive reminders on your expiring documents and enrich your Team Sites or your company's intranet with a reminder sending feature.
This component is available for SharePoint on-premise as well as for SharePoint Online.

Choose the frequency of receiving alerts

During configuration phase it is possible to specify the frequency of carrying out control over the expiring elements.
For each of the configured lists it is possible to specify the field that will contain the expiration date, the eventual field that contains users (or groups of users) to which the notification will be sent (it is also possible to specify fixed email addresses) and the number of days, months or years, before which the reminder e-mail message should be sent out, relative to each event deadline.
Finally, for each configured list, you may specify the exact text of the e-mail message to be sent.

Office 365 Product image
Office 365 Product image
Keep control over your documents' deadlines

In addition to using it on calendars or scheduling lists, it is very useful to use this component to warn editors of an approaching document expiration or document reviewers, in case of revisions that have been programmed over time.
Therefore, it can also be used for quality management systems, contract archiving systems, work safety documents and all that documentation with validity and well-defined renewal terms.

Other features
  • Send email reminders to SharePoint list items
  • Reminder management on calendars, activity lists, schedules and document libraries
  • Configuration of the notice period
  • Reminders on own tasks
  • Reminders on group events
  • Reminders to specific users included in the SharePoint list

We are covering a SharePoint gap but not only...

SharePoint allows management of shared calendars within the Team Site, both in its on-premise version, and in the cloud version within Office 365 offer. These calendars are often used for entering scheduled events or activities with expiration dates. By default SharePoint does not offer the reminder sending function slightly prior to the event date. The same goes for activity lists.
With this component it is possible to fill this gap and use SharePoint calendars or lists as schedules. SharePoint is not the only tool that can be used as a source for our reminder sending component. We can easily link it to an Office 365 calendar  (single or group), to one or more activity plans in Planner or to your list of personal activities in Outlook. If you are interested, specify the addition of these features!


Have you decided to use SharePoint for your quality system? With this tool you can keep track of expiring documents.


Stay updated on the deadlines for contracts or any planned actions to be carried out on them.


Do you have suppliers with automatic contract renewals? Use this tool to send your cancellation within the allowed time.