Field Permissions for Office 365 and Sharepoint

Manage the display of fields within list forms and SharePoint document library

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Manage form fields independently

The tool allows you to customize forms for creation, change and overview of SharePoint document lists and libraries through a simple administration interface.

  • Choose the fields to display, define theirorder and mandatory fields
  • Choose the fields to hide, based on the current form
  • Configure the fields to be displayed in read-only mode

All the choices you make will be automatically applied even to views, so you can also apply security on the fields in that display.
These configurations will override the default settings of the list.

Security configurations and data values

In the lists where this component is configured it is possible to specify the fields for various forms based on two types of configurations:

  1. Security configuration: based on the current user, the first field configuration is applied to the entire group or the list of users specified within the configuration itself (eg: current user is in the "IT Members" group)
  2. Value configuration: based on the value of one of the fields in the list, the first field configuration that matches the value is applied (eg: if the value of a field exceeds 10,000, then the field is read-only)


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Other features
  • Available only for SharePoint on-premise
  • Hide, read-only or display a field in the list forms and document library
  • Choose how many and which fields to display, by configuration
  • N configurations per list based on groups or specific list values
  • Configuration ordering
  • Integrated with SharePoint groups and Active Directory groups

A useful product to fill the SharePoint gap

SharePoint offers permission management with granularity that reaches down to a single document or list element. By using the default features of the product, there is no way to choose users to which a certain display would be showed or choose that these users can modify a single field of a list.
With this component it is possible to apply security logic also on the fields and thus broaden the usage scenarios of SharePoint lists or document libraries.


Thanks to this component you can finally respond to your users' requests and have groups of people that can modify only some of the data on your list.


The ability to specify a field as read-only can help you be compliant with the main regulations.