Intranet Policy and Terms Of Use for Office 365 and Sharepoint

Before allowing access to the intranet, make sure that users have accepted the terms of use

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Recover user acceptance of intranet policy

By text customization within this tool you can request users' adherence to a specific policy, disclamer or terms of use related to the intranet.

  • Users are obliged to accept before accessing the content or functionality of the intranet
  • You have full liberty to modify the disclaimer text
  • You can decide to cover only certain areas of the intranet

In this way you can be sure that users have read the Intranet terms of use before accessing it.
The tool is available only for SharePoint on-premise.

All user terms of use acceptances are archived

By storing all user responses to the application database, you can use this data to for statistical purposes.

  • You can retrieve the list of users who have accepted the disclaimer
  • Statistics for country or department

Once acceptance has been given, the system remembers its choice and the user will be able to access the intranet contents or areas that you have decided to cover.

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Other features
  • You can specify the text in different languages, so the policy will be displayed to users based on their country of residence
  • Integrated with the corporate Active Directory domain
  • You may edit text through SharePoint Publishing features independently

A versatile product

With the possibility to independently select the disclaimer text, this tool can be used for different purposes and objectives.


With this tool you can setup initial communication to your users and explain to them what type of content will they be able to find on the intranet.

Human resources

A good way to welcome new employees to the company. You can specify the most important information on the page for those accessing the intranet for the first time.


In the event of intranet containing data request forms or any other sensitive content, you can request acceptance by specifying the details of the request independently.