Mobile Intranet for Office 365 and Sharepoint

Mobile access to Intranet contents and features

Your next Microsoft 365 intranet

Dev4Side Software has made , the best software solution for a company intranet with 10% of the time and with 10% of the budget , fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint Online

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Office 365 Product image
The Intranet contents available on your mobile device

The solution allows displaying the main content of your intranet on mobile devices, while maintaining security control at the same time.

  • News, notifications and service announcements
  • Search for users, documents and view locations
  • Access to the application through your company account

Together with the proposed features, you can request to add other features and content from your current intranet solution.

Expand the number of people with access to your intranet

With this solution it is possible to provide access to the intranet contents and functions even to all those company employees which are currently unable to access it.

  • Staff without a fixed location or without a PC
  • Mobile Personnel

Similarly, it is possible to use the application to display news or main intranet contents on tablets, wide screens distributed throughout company locations.

Office 365 Product image
Office 365 Product image
Push notifications and integration with local systems

Reach the company population with your communications.

  • For each published news article, a push notification is sent to all users with the application installed on their device
  • Notification leads to the content body of the news, optimized for mobile viewing

It is possible to recall features stored in the local network in a totally secure way upon request. In this way you can facilitate all those processes that are currently done manually or with legacy systems.

Other features
  • Integrated with Office 365 and SharePoint on-premise
  • Android and iOS applications
  • Real time Push notifications
  • Web application with centralized updates
  • 100% Responsive

Do you already have intranet in your company?

Well, this is an excellent opportunity to offer your users something more.


Increase the scope of your communication plan, reaching users on the move.


Offer access to the Intranet contents and features, while maintaining its current structure.

Human resources

You can offer intranet access to all your staff on the move.