Company phone book for Office 365 and Sharepoint

Quickly search your colleagues' contacts and browse through the company structure

Your next Microsoft 365 intranet

Dev4Side Software has made , the best software solution for a company intranet with 10% of the time and with 10% of the budget , fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint Online

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Search for your colleagues' contacts

Through a quick search or by entering information into the application directly, you can search for the internal number of your colleagues within the company. All users are surveyed and all useful information and internal collaboration details are displayed for each of them:

  • Personal data
  • Role and department within the company
  • Photo
  • Main contacts (fix telephone, mobile phone and e-mail address)

Within each user tab you can save the contact into your favorites to speed up subsequent searches.

Navigate the company structure

Each user's card also displays the information about their department colleagues and the related manager in charge of that team so that you can scroll through the entire company structure and understand its composition.
In this way it is possible to structure employee information and various work groups, both for new hires in the company and for those that are interested in understanding changes to the organization chart following reorganizations.
The photo facilitates collaboration in multinational companies, or companies that operate in different locations in the country, where it often happens that people work with colleagues they never had the opportunity to meet in person. In addition, it is possible to start the search from the company headquarters, displayed on a map or look for phone numbers of sales department, print shops, switchboards or customer service.

Office 365 Product image
Office 365 Product image
Can be integrated with different data sources

Regardless of where the user information is located, the company phone book can be integrated with different data sources.
User and phone number searches can be processed on:

  • Company domain (Active Directory or Azure Active Directory)
  • Internal databases and third party HR products
  • web service

You will only need to help us map the information between your data structure and ours. Integration with the corporate Active Directory domain is included in the price as well
The search interface is compatible with SharePoint on-premise and SharePoint Online. In addition, it can be installed as part of your Office 365 applications.

Other features
  • Full text search
  • Advanced search with location, department or company position filters
  • List of locations and other contact details (rooms, services, switchboards)
  • Preferred contacts
  • 100% responsive application

It is important to be able to find information on company contacts in a simple and quick manner

Understanding the complete business context increases productivity and promotes internal collaboration among employees. Our product does not just find a colleague's phone number, but it is also able to display the most important information for each contact, to allow users to learn more about their co-workers.


A single point in which you could find all the internal telephone numbers of the company, from the colleagues' contacts to the numbers of switchboards, secretary offices, customer service centers and other existing services.

Human resources

The complete catalog of all the people present in the company, useful for ensuring a clear vision of the company structure and for various report purposes.


The tool helps you centralize all the intranet user information within Active Directory, in order to enable using this data also within other business applications (Outlook and Skype for Business in the first place).