Scheduling Resources for Office 365 and Sharepoint

A complete view on the activities or movements of work group members

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View the activity or movement schedule of the team

The solution allows you to monitor the schedule of a group of people (members of a project team or department colleagues) within an easy-to-read table.

  • Table with activity overview of each group member, over the days
  • Navigation by weeks
  • Scheduling with the possibility of having activities/movements setup all day, only in the morning or only in the evening

A perfect tool for tracking group activities or using a "movement plan"

Easy insertion and integration with the Outlook calendar

There are two ways to insert activities or movements within the system:

  • Manual entry within the SharePoint site
  • Creating an event in your calendar (available only for Office 365). In this case, events will be synchronized automatically and according to rules, from user's own calendar to the shared scheduling table.

It is possible to configure the default location or activity for each individual user, in order to facilitate data entry.

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Other features
  • Integrated with Office 365 and SharePoint on-premise
  • Movement scheduling visualization for users of a specific group
  • Scheduling with the possibility of having trips/activities related to the whole day, only in the morning, or only in the afternoon
  • Navigation by weeks
  • Configuration of each user's main location/activity
  • Manual entry of movements
  • Trip synchronization through the events from the personal calendar of various users (only in the version for Office 365)
  • Reminder to remind group members to enter their activities/moves into the system

A system for multiple uses

This tool can be used in different ways, depending on your needs.
It was designed to keep track of movements of individual people within a department, but it can be used very well for the scheduling activities, shift management or support interventions or tracking movements of the company sales force.
The relative visualization webpart can be inserted in any SharePoint site, offering the same scheduling functionality to different departments within the company.


Manage the resource scheduling within the department, in case of activities outside of the office or support interventions.


A tool for keeping track of movement schedule of the sales force members.


Prepare the movement plan of managers in the company, to present it to the board of directors.