Support Ticket Management for Office 365 and Sharepoint

Company Help desk via the SharePoint intranet

Your next Microsoft 365 intranet

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A tool for the help desk via intranet

A complete solution for managing support requests within the company, via the intranet.

  • Create a new support ticket, which will be taken over by help desk technicians
  • Add attachments to help resolve the problem
  • Follow the progress status of your ticket
  • Add more information during ticket processing and communicate with technicians through a comment system
  • When the ticket is closed, you will receive an email message confirming completion

Request help from help desk technicians directly via intranet.

To create a ticket and follow the progress you just need to use your email!

Thanks to the native SharePoint features, it is possible to create a new ticket by sending a simple e-mail message.

  • The message content and sender will automatically become renamed to body and ticket author
  • For each comment entered on the ticket, an e-mail message will be generated to which you can reply and your reply will be automatically incorporated into the ticket

Automation of certain steps through the use of email facilitates use by end users and speeds up the adoption of the tool.

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Other features
  • Integrated with SharePoint on-premise
  • Support ticket creation and ticket history display
  • Ticket creation and comments via email
  • Ticket progress status
  • Resolution, closure and sending via email

A versatile component

There is a very frequent need to have a help desk within the company and through this component it is possible to meet this requirement very easily, without having to rely on third-party systems.
The tool can also be used to internally track support requests coming from the outside, from your customers. Through the functionality of sending and receiving e-mail messages, end users can interact with the company technicians without having access to your intranet.


Offer support to your end users, through intranet and an easy-to-use system, without having to adopt more complicated ticketing systems.

Human resources

You can use this tool to receive requests from staff on HR issues and offer your support directly through the company "People Portal".


Track support requests and insert the report into your quality evaluation system. These are useful information for your staff evaluation.