Team Site Management for Office 365 and Sharepoint

Create new site-based SharePoint team templates and assign categories for easy navigation

Your next Microsoft 365 intranet

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Create the categorization structure of your SharePoint Team Sites

The system offers the possibility of creating new team sites and specifying one or more categories, in order to allow easy navigation for the end user.

  • Create the site directory on your intranet
  • The current user sees only the Team Sites he has access to
  • Use the system as a welcome page to company team sites (project, department, documentary, etc.)

The end user displays the Team Sites in which he is a member by default, with the possibility of filtering the sites by category or text search on the site's title and description. Great tool to allow access to project sites, document sites or departments.
The welcome page is mobile-ready.

Maintain control over the creation of Team Sites

Both on SharePoint on-premise and, above all, on Office 365 the Team Site proliferation is one of the major problems both for the administrator, and for those who manage the intranet from the content point of view. With this system the IT department can provide possibility to create your own Team Site, but according to the defined rules.

  • Preconfigured site templates, according to your needs
  • Insertion of the site owner or members within a single form
  • Automatic application of quotas for the space to be used
  • Send an email for the creation of each new Team Site

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Other features
  • Integrated with Office 365 and SharePoint on-premise
  • Display of the Team Sites current user is a member of
  • Filter by category and text search on site title and description
  • Creation of new Team Sites based on templates and selection of space quotas
  • Send mail for the creation of a new site
  • Insertion of a service user among site owners

Perfect component to bridge one of the SharePoint gaps

The site directory, with personalized site categorization, has always been one of the product's shortcomings. With this component it is possible to close this gap and, at the same time, provide the SharePoint administrator with a control tool.
The page with the list of Team Sites and filters is perfect as a welcome page for a system of project or document sites.


Monitor the creation of Team Sites in SharePoint and offer users a welcome page, with sites divided into categories.