Reports on work activities (Time-Sheet) for Office 365 and Sharepoint

Track the hours and activities carried out on projects, clients or other categories of your choice

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Simplify activity tracking

Do you need to track activities on a project or a particular initiative? Through this application you can track your daily activities.
For each work report you can associate:

  • The project or category, to identify the context for which the activity was performed
  • The day and the hours used
  • The details of performed activity

The values ​​to be assigned to the category depend on your choice. You can use it to track activities on a client, on a specific project sub-area or a job order.

Search and filter all activities

The search for work activity reports takes place by combining different search criteria.

  • You can filter by project or selected category
  • You can choose a specific time period
  • If you are an application administrator, you can filter by the user who entered the activity

In this way users can recover activity historical data or make exports.

Office 365 Product image
Office 365 Product image
Create a report in PDF

In addition to being filtered by search criteria, the reports can be exported to PDF to simplify sharing.

  • The report is generated following the business graphic template
  • There is a count of total hours and days of all activities implemented
  • You can choose to print out or not the name of the person who performed the activity

This way you can easily generate project activity reports.

Other features
  • Integrated with Office 365 and SharePoint on-premise
  • Report generation in PDF format
  • 100% Responsive

Predicting the future by tracing the past

Track your resource allocation in a simple manner and try to utilize them to a maximum effect, it is essential information to be able to improve performance and efficiency on the next projects.


This tool is perfect for tracking activities required by ISO 9001.


Do you have clients who pay you by the hour? Mark the performed activities and export the report to be sent to your contact.


A simple and intuitive tool for tracking back-office activities.