Azure API Management: Centralized company APIs

A project for the centralisation of business APIs

In an API-first world, where connecting different systems is essential, organisation is of the utmost!

With Azure API Management, we give the customer their own centralised API management complete with: authentication, monitoring, definition of roles and access to the various APIs, publication of endpoints starting from APIs developed with various technologies and controlled management of the publication process.

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The customer contacted us with a specific request: to organise huge amount of web services or APIs currently in use in the company. These resources in use were certainly considered critical for the functioning of both internal and external automation processes, as well as being implemented with the most disparate technologies and authentication methods. The challenge was to find one way to manage these services in terms of security, monitoring, deployment and updating, with an easy to use tool.

The solution: Azure API Management

The solution was to make the most of the features offered by Azure API Management, the application endpoint management service on the Microsoft cloud platform. A single platform allows a customer to:

  • Manage all the APIs for automating your internal or external processes
  • Have unified authentication for any type of web service or API
  • Be able to manage API versioning and related testing independently
  • Monitor API usage
  • Manage current user recognition with your Office 365 company account
  • Have a control of API publishing

The package was completed with automatic management of API releases, using the ARM template (Azure Resource Manager) and an automatic resource installation pipeline via Azure DevOps. This offered the customer an entireready-to-use Azure resource infrastructure.

La soluzione

Accomplished results

This architecture has made using and managing application endpoints much easier for the customer within the company. The most significant result was the centralisation of security management for access to the various APIs, implemented using Azure AD as identity provider for authentication both in application mode and in delegated mode, thereby using the current user's identity.
The system now has over 120 different endpoints in use, offering data to the various applications both inside and outside the corporate network perimeter, with an average number of over 50k calls per minute. Another great result for the customer was to be able to monitor API use with a really easy to use analytics tool.