Architecture for Azure Common Resources


Are your Azure costs going through the roof?

With this architecture we were able to contain Azure costs, re-using common resources on multiple projects

Following a detailed analysis of Azure costs, the type of resources in use and the type of solutions / projects active on the platform, we offered our client an intelligent solution to organize resource groups and related resources aiming to integrate the same services already in use in the various applications to keep costs down.


The issue

Microsoft Azure's features and the methods of use according to consumption, definitely bring a lot of flexibility to those who decide to adopt the platform. At the same time, the massive use of the platform requires a categorization of Azure resources, using resource groups, both for organizational and for security reasons: it is really very useful to separate the various environments into different resource groups and then apply time access to these individual groups. The problem is that with this, Azure resources sprawl and consequently:

  • the general costs of using the platform are also higher
  • time is longer for setting and maintaining resources
  • safety management effort increases

The solution: lower Azure costs, with security in mind

The solution was to closely analyze costs and the type of resources that were in use by the customer at that time, to understand which of these resources could be put together to start reorganization.

  • The division of resources by project was maintained
  • Fixed-payment resources were shared and instead consumption-based resources were maximisedmaximized
  • Safety was paramount: the company's IT took control of all common resources, while projects operated freely

The package was completed with automatic management of API releases, using the ARM template (Azure Resource Manager) and an automatic resource installation pipeline via Azure DevOps. This offered the customer a complete ready-to-use Azure resource infrastructure.

Q&A Chatbot - I risultati
Q&A Chatbot - I risultati

Results achieved: Azure cost reduction

This architecture led the customer to save 70% of the Azure costs over time which was over and above the customer's expectations. Better organization followed the generous reduction was then accompanied by better organization of the Azure tenant, ready for centralized management of shared resources (both by way of configuration and security), a management of project resources delegated to those who deal with specific solutions and a disaster and recovery system for the entire infrastructure.