Azure DevOps as development platform

Our software projects managed through Azure DevOps

Software development and centralised management of the development process

The development of software applications is definitely not a processes to be taken lightly. A source code management system is of the utmost as are project activities, bugs and deployments that are easy for both the developer and client. We need this so as not to find ourselves with applications where it's not clear whether the source code is present or updated, the project activities are not tracked or able to trace the reason for a particular change to software behaviour. Thanks to our Azure DevOps experts, we secure this process for our client.

The issue

Our client portfolio sees the presence of large multinationals that manage billions of lines of code for their own internal applications or for the public. Code that is often implemented on different platforms, from different business areas or external suppliers, with disparate development and management logic from project to project. Code is often manually compiled and installed in a production environment, through from developers' computers and has a greater human error margin.

The issue in managing the software development process, whether managed internally or contracted to external suppliers, is that each project is managed in a different way. The client then has no way to centralise management of this process and, above all, the client can't retain control of their applications' source code, changes or installation methods.

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Thanks to Azure DevOps agile management of business software development, projects can be structured and a strong internal and external process can be built. Having full control of the process. Constantly. All the projects we participate in are implemented using:

  • A centralised repository of the various application sources, where all changes made to the source code are tracked
  • Approval of changes to the source
  • The creation of specific development branches for new features or bugfixes
  • Tracking of project activities, divided into release sprints, following the best known software development techniques in agile mode
  • Assignment of activities and execution effort
  • The release plan
  • The build pipelines of the application source, with the execution of unit tests for automatic checking of the application functionalities
  • The automatic release pipelines for installation in DEV, TEST and PRODUCTION environments

For projects where we use Azure as a cloud hosting platform, we add the creation of Azure resources using templates. So as to also automate the process of creating and configuring resources and prepare for a possible disaster & recovery of Azure subscription content.

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Accomplished results

As a software development company in Milan and Gold Microsoft Partner, we aim to offer our customers a powerful source code development and management process that gives the customer full control for monitoring, archiving project information and workload management. The results of using Azure DevOps in the company are visible straight away and over the years: