Q&A Chatbot

A chatbot for your intranet

A chatbot that, thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, answers the questions of the intranet population.
Q&A Chatbot

A solution, requested by one of our customers in the Retail area, to improve its own intranet of an innovative service, by offering automatic and instant answers to user questions .
Thanks to the recognition of the native language , you can have the possibility to facilitate the search for the contents and verify what are the actual needs of the users.


In this case, the customer has created and updated a wiki containing useful information for training, learning and for the correct application of the new GDPR rules within the company.
With a simple text search system, users were not able to find the information they needed and the department responsible for the contents was unable to provide advisory on a very important topic.

Q&A Chatbot
Q&A Chatbot demo


It was decided to provide end users with a simple tool to deal with on a daily basis: a chat tool.
The information owner department was able to prepare a series of questions and answers to more easily convey content to users , and on the other hand, it had the opportunity to understand (thanks to a simple conversation log) what the needs were and how they were sought.
Thanks to the AI services offered by Microsoft Azure , it was possible to provide a multilingual solution and equip the editors with a smart tool.

Accomplished results

The department of the area containing GDPR information was able to understand the actual needs of users  and to provide an innovative service , by conveying the most important information in a really easy and intuitive way.
The solution has been implemented dynamically and can be reused in many other contexts:

Q&A Chatbot - I risultati
80% user adoption
+ 45% time saved
+ 30% visits to the intranet