Company TV created with Azure Media Services

Corporate TV for streaming video content on demand

A multinational cloud solution for video delivery in the company

The project involved the creation of a cloud platform for the use of video content by the intranet population in all the countries where the company is located. Content aimed at sharing corporate events, internal communication initiatives, teamwork and sharing corporate values.

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The challenge: Global video streaming

The client requested us to analyse and implement a software solution to allow more than 4500 internal users to use on-demand videos, with the following requirements:

  • Quick access to content
  • Guaranteed video for all users in the 20 countries
  • Videos were guaranteed from any company device and over any type of internet access
  • Limited access to company accounts only, from inside or outside the office
  • An adequate level of security to protect sensitive content for the company
  • Social and video sharing via email, link or Yammer
  • A management and monitoring content tool by editor users

The solution then needed integration with software in the company network, for the management of multimedia assets.


The solution: CosmosDB, Azure Media Service and Azure Firewall

The solution was to implement a web application and make the most of the calculation and delivery potential of geo-localised content offered by Azure. An Azure resource architecture was in fact built to allow the use of video streaming, respecting the level of security required by the client. These are the resources that were configured:

  • Azure Traffic Manager - For balancing geo-localised requests in three areas (ASIA, EUROPE and AMERICA)
  • Azure Cosmos DB - For archiving application data, using the document database model
  • 3 App Service - One per geographical area to be covered, to host the web application
  • Azure Media Services - For video management, smooth streaming and videocontent encoding during use
  • Azure CDN - For viewing videos from all geographic areas supported by Microsoft datacentres
  • Azure Web Application Firewall - For content protection
  • Azure Application Insight - For event logging and monitoring application health
  • Azure AD - To authenticate users with their company account and access in SSO

Azure DevOps was then configured to install the application and Azure resources, so as to have a disaster & recovery for the entire solution.

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Accomplished results

The solution is in daily use by over 4500 users, who use video content from 3 continents (ASIA, EUROPE and AMERICA). Adoption of the tool by end users was immediate:

Formazione tramite webinar e video corsi
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