Mobile intranet for a company in the luxury market

Taking intranet to mobile

A solution for using contents and functionalities of the intranet, on the move

Starting from the intranet already in use, an application was implemented to open the intranet features outside the company in total security , harnessing potential of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.


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Review the main features of intranet in mobile perspective, ensuring identical graphic style and a simple and quick use even from devices with low resolution and potentially poor connectivity .
Development of a hybrid application , with data recovered from different on-premise sources but enjoyed directly from the end user's device, via Microsoft cloud.
Guarantee of building a secure architecture between customer's internal network and Azure.


It was thus decided to utilize the Azure potential and build a channel between on-premise resources and the application on the cloud, able to guarantee data transfer, caching and maximum security in the communication.
Security was raised further by adding device access via client certificate , present within all company devices. In this way, the user has a simpler access experience thanks to the authentication feature in Single Sign On to the app, guaranteeing to be in compliance with security requirements of the company.
The intranet UI has been redesigned in a way to adapt to any mobile device , maintaining the graphic style in order to remain in line with the company portal.

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Accomplished results

The application is in use on mobile devices of business users, who are thus able to take advantage of intranet functionality in any point of time, within the limits of security level requested by the company.

90% user adoption
30% budget saved
+ 15% use of the intranet