Migration from G Suite to Office 365

Safely migrate GMail mailboxes to Office 365

Our support in migration and adoption of Office 365.

A migration case from Google Suite to Office 365 Business Premium for a customer in manufacturing industry, has been repeated on several SMEs that have decided to exploit the potential offered by Microsoft collaboration platform.
We have followed through with migration of all accounts and adoption of the tool, thanks to our video courses .

Gmail migration


Along with planning and performing the migration of mailbox , contacts and events on the calendar of all employees from the client company and sites that were created, the real challenge was to support the customer in the adoption phase for Office 365.
End users required training before migration to the new platform, especially for the use of Office package products and e-mail.


Accomplished results

Migration was successfully completed during the weekend agreed with the client. Verification of imported data was done independently in collaboration with selected end users, previously trained to use the new tools.
"Google sites" that have been created were brought to SharePoint Online , taking advantage of the new templates with modern UI.
Users have suffered less from the implemented changes thanks to a light, direct and independent training, performed without generating additional costs for the company.