Office 365 Adoption for Provincia di Piacenza

Office 365 licensing, migration and training for the Province of Piacenza

An Office 365 migration project for administration publishing Thanks to a tender won on the MEPA platform, Dev4Side has supported the Province of Piacenza in the evaluation of office 365, in the feasibility check and in the actual transition to the Microsoft cloud platform for email and collaboration. Another really interesting experience, in the area of administration publishing.


How it was adopted


We assisted the customer by first choosing the Office 365 licenses to be purchased, checking their functionality, space and security requirements for email management. The customer was able to use the free Office 365 training initiative in e-learning mode, with the purchase of licenses through Dev4Side (Microsoft Certified Cloud Solution Provider) thereby training all internal employees on the new platform tools. In addition, Office 365 tools training webinars were organised, where users could interact with the teacher in real time, do tests with their new Microsoft accounts and sign up to the webinar at any time, to revise any topics. An intranet site was created in SharePoint Online, for the use of all the training content in e-learning mode. Finally, we assisted the client in the technical side of things such as:

  • Reorganisation of objects in the corporate Active Directory domain
  • User synchronisation
  • Configuration of authentication modes and security options
  • Migration of mailboxes from the Exchange Server

This is where the real journey begins: in fact, the plan was to create the company intranet in Office 365 with the massive use of collaboration tools for sharing information and documents, with the aim of creating a real modern workplace.

Accomplished results

All users were migrated successfully to Office 365 over a 2-month period, starting from the time the tender was awarded. The training, via webinar and video courses, enabled employees in the Province of Piacenza to be operational over a very short space of time thanks to the new tools and all the new features offered by Office 365 for daily operations and for collaboration.

Formazione tramite webinar e video corsi
Nuovi strumenti a disposizione dei dipendenti
Nuove funzionalità offerte da Office 365 per una migliore operatività