Radiology data management system



For an important multinational pharmaceutical company, Dev4Side has created an application which centralizes and manages data coming from radiological examinations with contrast medium to the entire hospital.
The project, lasting 6 years , saw Dev4Side involved in all stages; from product prototyping, all the way to product delivery inside large hospital facilities including support in obtaining certification ISO 13485 and product approval by the FDA government agency.


Creating a server-side application, certified as a medical device ISO 13485 to be launched on the European and American market, starting from little more than an idea to be prototyped
 This application had as its main objective to become the remote management server for radiological examinations data, injection protocols and contrast media injectors used in the hospital, and to redesign the interaction in client-server perspective.



The proposal stated to design an application with a web interface, based on a plugin architecture, able to allow the activation of specific features for each type of injector on the product and, at the same time, guarantee a daily data load of a certain weight.
Specific components have been developed for the remote management of different medical devices for contrast injection and for the necessary integration of RIS systems and PACS , using the HL7 / DICOM standards.

Accomplished results

The system is used daily in various hospitals around the world, managing data from thousands of contrast tests.

Adopted software architecture proved to be a winner: it allows simultaneous support for different types of medical devices, providing a centralized point for managing both; the devices themselves, and the whole cycle linked to patient management within radiology department.

Product delivery according to customer time-to-market
Innovative radiological system