Quality management procedures via SharePoint

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This project was part of a larger migration process of from Lotus Notes to SharePoint Online . Therefore we had to bring features already in use by end users back to SharePoint, ensuring a user experience as similar to the one they have been used to.
The point in which we had to put some additional effort, however, was certainly the one related to the functionality of document distribution and publishing of new versions. The system had to send notifications to thousands of users , based on their membership level in a company group or a specific company function.


As a tool for procedure management we have suggested to our client to utilize, the out-of-the-box SharePoint Online features related to interaction with documents as much as possible.
According to the directives imposed by internal quality system of the company, the system generates a unique number for each procedure, offers a multi-step approval system for the publication of the procedure, as well as its distribution and possibility of publishing updated versions of the procedure.
Distribution process was proposed by taking advantage of the Office 365 "mail-enabled" security groups features in order to allow its use even during the automatic assignment of display permissions for various types of procedures.
Groups are created and maintained by a customized application, assigning users based on their residence to one of the companies within the group or to a department, integrating them with the information within Azure Active Directory.

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Accomplished results

Following a testing phase in collaboration with the client, migration of the application from Lotus Notes to SharePoint Online was completed successfully, including migration of all active procedures into the new system.
The customer was thus able to achieve their goals: