Company intranet portal ready in 2 days!

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our case
Why reinvent the wheel? With ready-to-use components we created a corporate intranet in only 2 days!

For one of our customers in the pharmaceutical field in Milan, we created their corporate intranet site, on Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Thanks to some ready-to-use components and a linear but impactful intranet layout, we were able to set up the intranet in just 2 days!

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The company had already adopted the Microsoft cloud collaboration platform, but it still had an intranet on legacy systems with the classic problems of using content which often wasn't updated due to a tricky content management process and lack of any automation.
To add to this then, the intranet was only available for one of the countries where the company operates and users of other locations needed an area for internal communication and quick access to company daily content and applications.
The goal was to create a multilingual intranet portal, so as to migrate the legacy portal and respond to these requirements as quickly as possible.

The solution: intranet-in-a-box as a corporate intranet software

The solution was to install some of our ready-to-use intranet components and exploit the potential of content management and multilingual site management offered by SharePoint Online. The customer chose components from the catalogue to:

  • Have an intranet template with company business graphics
  • Publish and manage employee communications
  • Offer the intranet population quick access to company applications, specifically categorized to aid navigation
  • Publish important company events and deadlines
  • Allow quick search of colleagues and internal phone numbers
  • Publish the company organization chart
  • Daily publishing of the canteen menu with booking option

The classic requirements of a simple and easy-to-use intranet covered by ready-made tools and tested on various Office 365 intranets.

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Accomplished results

The customer, thanks to the use of ready-to-use components, was able to create a corporate intranet in less than a week. With two working days, intranet sites were up and running in Italian and English, ready for intranet content publishing.

The internal communication department was able to publish communications, content and news offered by SharePoint Online, maintaining the corporate identity in terms of graphics, with the option of creating corporate or service communications and welcome new colleagues. The phone book and the organization chart were installed and updated automatically thanks to integration with the hierarchy of users in Office 365, with the advantage of constantly updated information even for new employees who were immediately visible on the intranet as soon as they got their mailbox from the company. Business applications were surveyed and published directly on the home page for quick access which was handy for daily work.

  • Company intranet released in less than a week in 2 different languages
  • Look and feel reflects the company identity
  • Fast access to updated news and corporate's comunications