Zucchetti and SharePoint integration

Stampings, attendances and holidays scheduled inside intranet or directly into your calendar

Components for integrating Zucchetti data with Microsoft collaboration products

A solution for displaying all personnel data extracted from the Zucchetti software on the intranet and for synchronizing absences within the personal agenda of each user. A way to centralize all the information and services that the company offers to the employee in a single point.



Several of our customers have demonstrated a requirement to interconnect the data relating to stamping, attendance, vacation requests or any other information present in Zucchetti, within the intranet or in everyday applications (Office 365, Outlook).
In this case the challenge is in the integration itself: two different systems, mutually disconnected, have to exchange data, often through the local network or passing through the cloud, and must be able to present it to the end user in the most user-friendly way.


Several components have been implemented for SharePoint and SharePoint Online useful for presenting data from Zucchetti within the intranet.
The following step was the implementation of a mechanism for synchronization with Zucchetti enabling the direct display of holidays and absences inside of each user's personal agenda in order to achieve complete automatization of their availability updates.
Both types of integration have been supported by an architecture for synchronization of on-demand data between various systems, implemented both in local environments (SharePoint Server) and cloud (SharePoint Online and Office 365).


Accomplished results

Our customers' intranet has become even more of a central point where end users can find their own personal data, along with all the services that the company makes available for them.
The solution proved to be a real killer app: